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Buy LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume Online in UAE

Level Up Your Scent Game with Le Jardin Retrouvé Perfume
Le Jardin Retrouvé, created in 1975 by master perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, is known for its resurrection of classic fragrance traditions and dedication to the art of perfumery. Le Jardin Retrouvé is a monument to the enduring power of memory and emotion recorded in each magnificent bottle, with a focus on producing smells that transport wearers to cherished moments and places. This company distinguishes out in an industry characterized by rapid change for its uncompromising dedication to the concepts of workmanship and authenticity. 

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Oriental Sans Souci Eau de ParfumOriental Sans Souci Eau de Parfum
Oriental Sans Souci Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Verveine d'Été Eau de ParfumVerveine d'Été Eau de Parfum
Verveine d'Été Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Eau des Délices Eau FraîcheEau des Délices Eau Fraîche
Eau des Délices Eau Fraîche Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Citron Boboli Eau de ParfumCitron Boboli Eau de Parfum
Citron Boboli Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Jasmin Majorelle Eau de ParfumJasmin Majorelle Eau de Parfum
Jasmin Majorelle Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Rose Trocadéro Eau de ParfumRose Trocadéro Eau de Parfum
Rose Trocadéro Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Osmanthe Liu Yuan (O.L.Y.) Eau de ParfumOsmanthe Liu Yuan (O.L.Y.) Eau de Parfum
Tubéreuse Trianon Eau de ParfumTubéreuse Trianon Eau de Parfum
Tubéreuse Trianon Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Bois Tabac Virginia Eau de ParfumBois Tabac Virginia Eau de Parfum
Bois Tabac Virginia Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Cuir de Russie Eau de ParfumCuir de Russie Eau de Parfum
Cuir de Russie Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Mousse Arashiyama Eau de ParfumMousse Arashiyama Eau de Parfum
Mousse Arashiyama Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00
Sandalwood Sacré Eau de ParfumSandalwood Sacré Eau de Parfum
Sandalwood Sacré Eau de Parfum Sale priceDhs. 520.00

Why Should You Buy LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume?

LE JARDIN RETROUVE, created in 1975 by famous perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, is a brand that embodies elegance, innovation, and enthusiasm. With each spray, their perfumes are a harmonic blend of art and olfactory mastery, designed to take you to magnificent gardens and far-away places.

Timeless Elegance

LE JARDIN RETROUVE scents exemplify eternal elegance. Each fragrance is meticulously chosen to elicit emotions and memories, making it an ideal choice for those who value the finer things in life.

Artisanal Excellence

The brand's dedication to handmade perfection is unparalleled. Every perfume is created in France using the highest quality ingredients and traditional procedures, assuring great quality and longevity.

Unique Fragrance Profiles

LE JARDIN RETROUVE has a wide selection of scents to satisfy a variety of tastes. Whether you prefer a light, floral scent or a deep, sensual aroma, there is a perfume out there waiting to become your distinctive scent.

Sustainable Practices

The brand is committed to sustainable practices, such as using environmentally friendly packaging and promoting ethical product sourcing. When you choose LE JARDIN RETROUVE, you are making a responsible decision for your own well-being as well as the well-being of the world.


Our store is your one-stop shop for LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume in the UAE. LE JARDIN RETROUVE, a timeless brand noted for its outstanding perfumes and artisanal craftsmanship, invites you to explore the beautiful world of fragrances.

  • ORIENTAL SANS SOUCI EAU DE PARFUM: Oriental Sans Souci Perfume takes you on a fascinating trip to the heart of the East, where the mystery of the Orient meets modern charm.You'll experience a mix of special spices, valuable woods, and delightful flowers, making a scent that feels both exotic and magical.
  • VERVEINE D'ÉTÉ EAU DE PARFUM: Imagine a summer day bottled up just for you – that's Verveine d'Été Eau de Parfum. It's like taking a whiff of a sunny meadow in full bloom. The scent is all about the lively vibe of verbena, bringing you to sun-drenched fields.
  • EAU DES DÉLICES EAU FRAÎCHE: Eau des Délices Eau Fraîche is a delightful scent that will charm your senses. Experience a refreshing blend of nature's best aromas with this lovely eau fraîche. It starts with a burst of tangy citrus and crisp green apple, making you feel as invigorated as a breath of fresh air.
  • JASMIN MAJORELLE EAU DE PARFUM: Jasmin Majorelle Eau de Parfum is like a special scent that brings together the lovely smell of fresh jasmine flowers, rare Moroccan roses, and a touch of spicy cardamom. With a base of warm amber and gentle musk, it creates a captivating mix.
  • ROSE TROCADÉRO EAU DE PARFUM: Rose Trocadéro Perfume is a classic scent that never goes out of style. Experience the magical world of roses with this captivating fragrance. It's designed to make you feel the romantic vibes of the Trocadéro Gardens in Paris.

Why Choose Us For LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfumes?

We are pleased to offer a carefully picked range of LE JARDIN RETROUVE perfumes at our store. Our online store is your portal to the world of luxury perfumes, and we make it simple for you to discover and buy these wonderful aromas from the comfort of your own home in the UAE.

  • Authenticity Guarantee
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LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume is a magical voyage of scents, memories, and emotions. Shop today at our store and immerse yourself in the opulent realm of aroma. LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume will awaken your senses.

Shop Now for Timeless Elegance!

Purchasing Le Jardin Retrouvé perfume in the UAE is a delightful experience for fragrance enthusiasts. With its exquisite scents and timeless charm, Le Jardin Retrouvé offers a unique olfactory journey that captivates the senses. Whether you're a perfume connoisseur or someone looking for a special gift, exploring the enchanting world of Le Jardin Retrouvé in the UAE is a fantastic choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume unique?

LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume is distinguished by its timelessness and artisanal skill. Each fragrance is painstakingly designed to trigger emotions and memories, creating a truly one-of-a-kind olfactory experience. LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume distinguishes itself as a brand that cherishes both quality and responsibility via its dedication to sustainability and ethical standards.

How do I choose the right LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume for me?

Choosing the ideal LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfume is a subjective process. Begin by investigating the smell profiles and notes of each perfume to pick one that appeals to your tastes. Consider the event and season when you intend to use the fragrance. If you need guidance, our scent specialists at The Scent Library Official can aid you in making an informed decision.

Are LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfumes suitable for both men and women?

Yes, LE JARDIN RETROUVE Perfumes have a unisex scent line that is ideal for both men and women. The firm believes that fragrance respects no gender limits, allowing everyone to find aromas that express their unique personality and sense of style.