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Plume Impression Paris is the brainchild and love story of Sabine and Gabriel. Sabine is Austrian, Gabriel is French and together they form a passionate liaison. As two complete opposites, they created the story of a feather perfectly representing them and the ideals of the brand – elegant and refined while being strong and full of character.

Plume Impression is an artistic brand expressing all the attributes of a feather. Beauty, sophistication in its creation, and the powerful lightness of being. It’s freedom to get carried away into the unknown, with no limitations, no boundaries. This is the theme and so the feather carries on to discover exotic places and romantic sites and runs into unexpected encounters all expressed through the wonderful world of scents.

Plume Impressions’ perfumes are all inspired by the two founders. Their emotions, their travels, and all their collective moments and memories together. They partner with some of the most famous perfumers - the likes of Quentin Bisch, Mark Buxton, and Jordi Fernandez.

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Elegance CuireeElegance Cuiree
Elegance Cuiree Sale priceDhs. 750.00
Royal BourbonRoyal Bourbon
Royal Bourbon Sale priceDhs. 750.00
Art NouveauArt Nouveau
Art Nouveau Sale priceDhs. 750.00
Dualite MagnifiqueDualite Magnifique
Dualite Magnifique Sale priceDhs. 750.00

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