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Buy Exquisite Dried Roses Perfumes Online in UAE

Floral Bliss of Dried Roses Fragrances from Our Store

Douse yourself in the romance of dried rose fragrances. Experience the magic of floral-scented fragrances. Ponder upon the exclusivity of dried roses in every whiff. Our dried rose fragrances offer a fragrant odyssey into the heart of floral modesty. Discover an exquisite assortment of Dried Roses scented perfumes online and at our local stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah.

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Fragrant Bouquet of Dried Roses Fragrances

We take vanity in presenting our Dried Roses Fragrance collection - a true actualization of fragrance and sophistication. Every spray carts you to a lush rose garden with petals preserved in each bottle. We are committed to craftsmanship quality ensuring that you experience the finest floral notes. 

Our Top Roses Perfumes for Men and Women

Each of our fragrances encapsulates the natural allure and delicate charm of dried roses, delivering a compelling and unique experience. Our dried roses scented perfumes are for daily signature scents and special occasion fragrances, offering a versatile range of charms of these blooms.


We are dedicated to providing a sensory and floral escape with the most searing dried rose scent. Our collection infuses the artistry of perfumery and the elegance of dried roses, resulting in fragrances that enhance your daily moments and leave a lasting impression.

Uncompromised Brilliance

We are committed to crafting the most premium Dried Rose Scents ensuring you experience incomparable merit in every bottle.

Handpicked Nature’s Finest

We select only to transform the most exquisite dried roses into fragrances that capture the essence of luxury, serenity, and elegance.

Personalized Recommendations

Shopping with us means that you're not just buying a perfume; you're accessing personalized guidance for the ideal dried rose scents that suit your preferences.

Try Before You Buy

Try our Dried Roses Perfumes before the world with our free sampling service delivered anywhere in the UAE in 2 hours or less.

Visit Our Stores

Visit our perfume shop in Al Quouz. You can buy Dried Roses perfumes in Ras Al Khaimah then visit our store in the Ras Al Khaimah Branch. Buy Dried Rose perfumes for him and her at our perfume shops near Abu Dhabi.

Transform Your Scent Story!

Purchasing dried roses perfumes in the UAE is a delightful choice for those seeking a unique and elegant fragrance experience. With their subtle yet captivating scent, these perfumes offer a touch of nature's beauty in every spray. Embrace the charm of dried roses and elevate your fragrance collection. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the timeless allure of dried roses perfumes, and let the essence of petals transport you to a world of refined sophistication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply perfume for long-lasting fragrance?

To increase longevity of dried rose fragrances, apply it to pulse points like behind your ears, neck, and wrist. 

How to test a perfume before making a purchase?

We offer free sampling in any part of the UAE at your doorstep.

Are these perfumes gender-specific or unisex?

Our Dried Rose scents are unisex - made for every gender. 

What is the return or exchange policy for perfumes?

We acknowledge that selecting a perfume is a very personal choice. If you look for a return or exchange, we offer an easy return and exchange policy. Please visit this page to learn more about return and exchange policy.