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Tubéreuse Trianon Eau de Parfum

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Tubéreuse Trianon is a solar and luminous Eau de Parfum. With its notes of white flowers, raspberry and coconut this floral and fruity fragrance will make you travel to warmer climates. Where the tuberose, jasmine and ylang ylang grow that will capsize your heart. A radiant fragrance that lasts on the skin, from a floral facet to creamy, musky and milky base notes.

Top Notes
rhubarb, petit grain, coriander

Middle Notes
tuberose, lily of the valley, clove, jasmine, ylang, neroli / orange blossom

Base Notes
fragipanier, rasberry, coconut, balsam Peru


Captivating Tuberose Essence

The fragrance is centered around the mesmerizing tuberose blossom, known for its creamy, floral aroma that's both seductive and timeless.

Elegant and Timeless

Tubéreuse Trianon exudes an aura of elegance and sophistication, making it perfect for special occasions and formal events.


This Eau de Parfum formulation ensures a long-lasting scent, allowing you to enjoy its captivating notes throughout the day or night.

Balanced Freshness

It strikes a delicate balance between freshness and sensuality, making it suitable for a wide range of tastes and preferences.


Whether you're dressing up for a romantic evening or seeking an everyday scent, Tubéreuse Trianon fits a variety of occasions.

Memorable Sillage

Its lingering essence ensures a remarkable impact, etching your presence in hearts and minds wherever your journey takes you.

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