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Verveine d'Été Eau de Parfum

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Verveine d’Eté is an Eau de Parfum with a delicate and fresh scent. It will be an ideal partner on hot summer days but also in the heart of winter to bring you joy and comfort. A mixed scent, sparkling and energizing that brings back memories of the freshness of a bed of aromatic plants in the early morning. Let yourself be transported by its green notes in the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg.

Top Notes
lemon, verbena, petit grain

Middle Notes
verbena, lavendar, basil

Base Notes
vetiver, oakmoss



Summer Symphony

Evokes summer's essence in a vibrant olfactory symphony, encapsulating refreshing notes that transport you to sun-kissed moments.

Crafted by Yuri Gutsatz

Crafted in 1978 by perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, a testament to expert craftsmanship, Verveine d'Été stands as a timeless olfactory masterpiece.

Sensuous Base

Settles sensuously in velvety woods and musk, leaving a lasting, seductive trail that captivates and lingers provocatively.

Versatile Occasions

Versatile for any occasion, from casual days to special summer events, making it an ideal choice for diverse and memorable moments.

Moderate Application

Designed for moderation, a little unleashes captivating allure, ensuring each application is a delightful and enduring olfactory experience.

Ideal for Exploration

It is ideal for fragrance explorers or those seeking a touch of summer, making it a perfect addition to any collection.

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