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With their sumptuous and seductive scents, Amber Perfumes have long mesmerized the senses and made an enduring impression on the perfume industry. These magnificent scents convey a sense of classic elegance and sophistication and are frequently distinguished by their warm, resinous, and somewhat sweet overtones. Since ancient times, amber scents have been prized for their capacity to whisk us away to far-off locations and eras and engulf us in their seductive charm. We will delve into the fascinating world of perfumes in this olfactory voyage, learning about their history, making them, and the distinctive sensory sensations they provide to those who revel in their seductive aromas.

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Save Dhs. 123.48Par Amour Pour Lui EDP 100 MLPar Amour Pour Lui EDP 100 ML
Par Amour Pour Lui EDP 100 ML Sale priceDhs. 758.52 Regular priceDhs. 882.00
AJMAN (THE SEVEN SCENTS OF THE UAE) Sale priceDhs. 937.40 Regular priceDhs. 1,090.00
Save Dhs. 110.60SpiritualSpiritual
Spiritual Sale priceDhs. 679.40 Regular priceDhs. 790.00
Save Dhs. 79.38RIENRIEN
RIEN Sale priceDhs. 487.62 Regular priceDhs. 567.00
REIN INTENSE INCENSE Sale priceDhs. 597.70 Regular priceDhs. 695.00
Save Dhs. 86.10PURPLE MANTRA
PURPLE MANTRA Sale priceDhs. 528.90 Regular priceDhs. 615.00
Save Dhs. 104.30EDP 1472
EDP 1472 Sale priceDhs. 640.70 Regular priceDhs. 745.00
Save Dhs. 104.30ENCENS ROI
ENCENS ROI Sale priceDhs. 640.70 Regular priceDhs. 745.00
Save Dhs. 167.86DAHABDAHAB
DAHAB Sale priceDhs. 1,031.14 Regular priceDhs. 1,199.00
Save Dhs. 113.26Hall of FameHall of Fame
Hall of Fame Sale priceDhs. 695.74 Regular priceDhs. 809.00
Save Dhs. 245.00O Hira
O Hira Sale priceDhs. 1,505.00 Regular priceDhs. 1,750.00
Save Dhs. 136.50Mortal SkinMortal Skin
Mortal Skin Sale priceDhs. 838.50 Regular priceDhs. 975.00
Save Dhs. 153.30AfterglowAfterglow
Afterglow Sale priceDhs. 941.70 Regular priceDhs. 1,095.00
Save Dhs. 125.30Wish Come TrueWish Come True
Wish Come True Sale priceDhs. 769.70 Regular priceDhs. 895.00
Save Dhs. 236.60OummaOumma
Oumma Sale priceDhs. 1,453.40 Regular priceDhs. 1,690.00
Save Dhs. 153.30Black GemstoneBlack Gemstone
Black Gemstone Sale priceDhs. 941.70 Regular priceDhs. 1,095.00
VANGLORIA Sale priceDhs. 670.80 Regular priceDhs. 780.00
Save Dhs. 141.54Elenya Black
Elenya Black Sale priceDhs. 869.46 Regular priceDhs. 1,011.00
Save Dhs. 110.32Ottoman TreasureOttoman Treasure
Ottoman Treasure Sale priceDhs. 677.68 Regular priceDhs. 788.00
Save Dhs. 110.32King of FlowersKing of Flowers
King of Flowers Sale priceDhs. 677.68 Regular priceDhs. 788.00
Save Dhs. 123.48C’est.Rebelle EDP 100 MLC’est.Rebelle EDP 100 ML
C’est.Rebelle EDP 100 ML Sale priceDhs. 758.52 Regular priceDhs. 882.00
Save Dhs. 116.20Qian Elementals
Qian Elementals - Unisex Sale priceDhs. 713.80 Regular priceDhs. 830.00
Save Dhs. 228.20phul nana Grossmith For Womenphul nana Grossmith
Phul-Nana Grossmith - Women Sale priceDhs. 1,401.80 Regular priceDhs. 1,630.00


Amber scents can be a lovely olfactory choice for a variety of persuasive reasons. Amber perfumes, first and foremost, emanate a particular and timeless appeal that distinguishes them in the world of perfumery. Their warm, resinous, and slightly sweet tones combine to create a distinct and enticing smell signature that may be both comforting and sexy.

Amber scents are also recognized for their persistence, which means they can stay on the skin for hours, enveloping you in their enticing aroma throughout the day or evening. Because of their long-lasting nature, they are ideal for special occasions, daily wear, or even as distinctive scents.


If you're looking to purchase an Amber fragrance, the selection at our store offers a number of unique benefits that will make your perfume-buying experience extra special.

Authenticity guaranteed

We offer you only authentic and high-quality amber perfumes. You can shop with confidence knowing you are receiving authentic products that meet the highest industry standards.

Large selection

We offer a large collection of amber scents and offers a variety of options depending on your preferences. Whether you prefer classic, modern, unisex, or niche fragrances, you'll find plenty to choose from.

Expert Tip

Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect Ambré scent to suit your style, personality, and occasion. Their knowledge guarantees an informed and satisfactory choice.


Purchasing an Amber Perfume from us is a convenient experience. You can browse their collection online, allowing you to browse, compare, and select from the comfort of your own home.

Secure Transactions

We attach great importance to the security of your personal and payment information and ensure that your online transactions are safe and secure.

Our Best Amber Perfumes for You

Our carefully curated collection comprises the best Amber scents for men and women, each carefully chosen to create a memorable olfactory experience. Explore the various scents that cater to various preferences, events, and moods.

  • ELENYA BLACK: Elenya Black Perfume emanates an exquisite fragrance that radiates sophistication and allure. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, this scent stands as a testament to the artistry of perfumery.
  • C’EST.REBELLE EDP 100 ML: The C'est.Rebelle Eau de Parfum captivates with its intriguing fragrance, radiating an air of rebellious elegance. Crafted in a generous 100 ML bottle, this perfume seamlessly blends sophistication with daring notes, promising to awaken the senses and make a memorable impact.
  • QIAN ELEMENTALS - UNISEX: Qian Elementals seamlessly combines nature's most enchanting elements, creating a feeling of timeless grace and energy. Qian Elementals goes beyond traditional gender distinctions, making it a versatile option for everyone.
  • OTTOMAN TREASURE: The exquisite fragrance known as Ottoman Treasure reveals the intricate story of the Ottoman Empire lavishly. Opening with a delightful mix of exotic spices, it takes you on a sensory adventure, immersing you in the splendor of the Ottoman era.
  • KING OF FLOWERS: The fragrance called "King of Flowers" demands attention and admiration with its captivating scent. It's a delightful blend of majestic blooms intricately woven together, forming a bouquet of unmatched elegance and timeless sophistication.


Discover the enchantment of Amber perfumes at The Scent Library Official, where you'll find a lovely collection in both our physical and online stores. Our physical locations include Jumeirah, Al Qouz, Nation Towers in Abu Dhabi, Julphar Towers in Ras al-Khaimah, and the tranquil Grove Village in Ras al-Khaimah. We're here to meet all of your scent needs, whether you like the tactile sensation of exploring our perfumes in-store or the convenience of buying from the comfort of your own home.

Get your Perfume Delivered Fast!

We understand that the allure of Amber fragrance cannot be delayed. As a result, we provide a quick and fast delivery service that sends your favorite perfume right to your doorstep within 1-2 business days. Whether you're in the middle of a busy day or can't wait to smell the warmth and elegance of Amber, our quick delivery assures that you can enjoy this wonderful perfume without delay. Explore our selection, place your order, and let us bring the Amber world to you in no time. Your olfactory adventure begins with a single click, and we're here to make it as easy as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are amber fragrances suitable for daytime use?

Yes, many amber fragrances are so universal that they can be worn both during the day and at night.

Can Ambrés perfumes be worn at any time of the year?

Amber scents are versatile and can be worn all year round, but are particularly pleasant in the colder months.

Is Ambre perfume suitable for sensitive skin?

Depends on the specific scent and sensitivity of your skin. It is recommended to test a small amount before regular use.

Can I combine Ambré scents with other scents?

Of course! Experiment with layering amber scents to create a unique and personalized olfactory profile.