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Bois Tabac Virginia Eau de Parfum

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Bois Tabac Virginia is a woody Eau de Parfum, built around notes of smoked vetiver and a background of delicate and round tobacco. This fragrance renews the genus of the fern by proposing a mixed and fresh scent. Bois Tabac Virginia is an ode to the perfumes of the 1920s, it is reminiscent of ancient fragrances now disappeared and remains refreshingly modern.

Top Notes
Lavander, Géranium, Sage

Middle Notes
Vetiver, Ylang, Ciste, Petit Grain

Base Notes
Cedar, Sandal, frankincense, Patchouli, Grey Amber


Exquisite Aroma

Bois Tabac Virginia Eau de Parfum boasts a captivating blend of tobacco, cedarwood, and leather, creating a rich and alluring scent.


Experience enduring freshness, ensuring confidence and a fragrant aura that lasts all day, making it your perfect daily companion.

Elegance in Simplicity

The understated bottle design mirrors the fragrance's timeless elegance, offering a visual preview of the sophistication awaiting within.

Unique Character

Tobacco and spice harmonize uniquely, setting it apart as a distinctive choice for discerning individuals who appreciate its refined character.

Versatile Appeal

With its versatile, sophisticated profile, this scent complements any setting, perfect for both casual and formal occasions, enhancing your presence.

Rare Elegance

Elevate your fragrance collection with Bois Tabac Virginia Eau de Parfum, a unique and refined scent that exudes sophistication.

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