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Sandalwood Sacré Eau de Parfum

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Sandalwood Sacré is an aerial and spiritual Eau de Parfum. Milky sandal and patchouli will transport you to the heart of Indian rituals where incense sticks burn precious woods. This fragrance will lead you to meet Yuri Gutsatz, founder of Jardin Retrouvé, who has worked extensively in India to discover the fragrant plants of this country rich in scents.

Top notes

aldehydes, lemon jasmine

Core notes
geranium, sandalwood ylang

Bottom notes
patchouli, oakmoss, tonka, labdanum, civet


Sandalwood Elegance

This fragrance celebrates the timeless allure of sandalwood, capturing its sacred and sophisticated essence.

Crafted by Jean-Claude Ellena

Created by the renowned perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, known for his mastery in fragrance composition.

Spiritual Resonance

Sandalwood Sacré offers a fragrant journey that resonates with spiritual depth and tranquility, creating a sense of sacredness.

Woody Complexity

Unfold the layers of woody sophistication, revealing sandalwood's rich and nuanced character.

Versatile Usage

Suitable for everyday wear, Sandalwood Sacré Eau de Parfum seamlessly transitions from casual elegance to special occasions.

Sacred Charm

Immerse yourself in the divine allure of sandalwood, a wood that has been cherished for its sacred properties for centuries.

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