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This is not a blue bottle 1.3 - Unisex

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Introducing "This is not a blue bottle 1.3" by Histoires De Parfums. A fiery blend of Blood Orange, Rose, and Saffron, fused with the power of Leather. A molten circle of passion, energy, and liberation, suitable for both women and men. Experience the blazing sun's essence and the captivating stories it evokes.

Top Notes: Blood Orange

Heart Notes: Rose, Saffron

Base Notes: Patchouli, Leather



Unique and Captivating Scent Profile

It's not a blue bottle. 1.3" is a one-of-a-kind scent that defies typical perfume conventions, with an unusual blend of notes that unfold nicely on the skin.

Unisex Appeal

This scent, which was created to be inclusive and gender-neutral, is acceptable for all persons, regardless of gender identification, making it a versatile and generally appreciated choice.

High-Quality Ingredients

This scent was created by Histoires de Parfums, a company known for its dedication to quality. It contains premium components, resulting in a rich and nuanced aroma.

Versatile Usage

"This is not a blue bottle 1.3" is versatile enough to satisfy your individual fragrance tastes, whether for everyday wear, special occasions, or layering with various smells.

Storytelling Through Scent

This fragrance, like other Histoires de Parfums products, embodies an intriguing story, encouraging users to discover their identity and express themselves via perfume.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

The business is known for its commitment to ethical and sustainable methods, aiming to provide cruelty-free and ecologically responsible products that correspond with the beliefs of conscientious consumers.

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