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Southern Bloom Goldfield & Banks - Unisex

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Southern Bloom launched in 2018 by Goldfield & Banks celebrates Tasmania's Boronia spring bloom. Honoring the rare native scented flower, this opulent fragrance combines Boronia, cassis, ylang ylang, and sandalwood. Crafted by François Merle-Baudoin, it's an exquisite ode to Australia's southernmost island, Bruny.

Top Notes: Cassis and Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes: Boronia, Coconut, Italian Iris, Jasmine Sambac and Ylang-Ylang

Base Notes: Australian Sandalwood, Musk, Amber and Vetiver


Australian Boronia Essence

Southern Bloom celebrates the rare and captivating Australian boronia flower, capturing its essence in a unique fragrance.

Crafted by François Merle-Baudoin

Crafted by renowned perfumer François Merle-Baudoin, celebrated for his mastery in creating exceptional and alluring fragrances.

Floral Elegance

Southern Bloom combines floral sophistication with natural charm, offering a bouquet that is both enchanting and timeless.

Unisex Appeal

Versatile and inclusive, this fragrance is designed for all genders, offering a versatile and inclusive choice for personal expression.

Fine Mist Application

The bottle ensures a flawless application, releasing a fine and consistent mist for an effortless and even distribution of fragrance.

Pristine Aromatic Adventure

With Southern Bloom Goldfield & Banks, embark on an olfactory adventure that transports you to the wild and breathtaking landscapes of the southern coast.

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