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Oro Rosso Bois 1920 - Unisex

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In 2019, Bois 1920 came out with Oro Rosso, a fragrance about sophistication. It's a mix of jasmine's softness and saffron's spicy warmth, creating an alluring and elegant scent. As it settles, you'll notice bold woody notes, blending musk and oak wood for a rich finish. Oro Rosso suits everyone, whether you're a woman or a man.

  • Fragrance Type:  Woody and Spicy

Top Notes: Blood Orange and Citruses;

Middle Notes: Saffron, Sage, Jasmine and Lavender;

Base Notes: Oak, Woody Notes, and Musk.

  • Available For:   Both women and men.
  • Season:  Suitable for any season.
  • Occasion:  Casual or special occasions like birthdays, meetings, dinners, parties, etc.
  • Concentration:  Eau de Parfum.
  • Scent Sillage:   Heavy


Opulent Floral Fruity Fragrance

Oro Rosso is a lovely perfume that smells like flowers and fruit. It's made for anyone, not just women or men. It mixes fancy scents together to make you feel like you're on a luxurious scent adventure.

Creation by Enzo Galardi

Enzo Galardi is good at making perfumes; you can tell with Oro Rosso. It's a special scent that shows he's great at mixing unique and valuable ingredients.

Timeless Versatility

Oro Rosso is perfect for wearing anytime, whether hot or cold outside. You can easily adjust how strong it smells to match the season so that you can feel luxurious all year long.

Unisex Allure

Versatile and suitable for both genders, Oro Rosso brings a sense of sophistication to any occasion, adapting effortlessly to different personalities.

Unique Application Techniques

Try different ways to use Oro Rosso, like making it smell nice or spraying it, to make each time you use it special and interesting

Preservation Elegance

To keep your perfume's smell strong, keep it in its original box, where it's safe from sunlight and dampness.

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