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O Hira

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O Hira by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 is a Amber fragrance for women and men. O Hira was launched in 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Stephane Humbert Lucas.

Top note is Ambergris;

middle note is Ambergris;

base note is Ambergris.


Opulent Amber Infusion

Crafted by Stéphane Humbert Lucas, O Hira is a gender-neutral scent celebrated for its opulent amber composition, exuding warmth and sophistication.

Complex Layers

This fragrance showcases intricate layers of honeyed sweetness, resinous richness, and a subtle smoky depth, offering a multifaceted olfactory experience.

Timeless Elegance

O Hira captures a sense of timeless elegance, evoking a refined and sophisticated aura, ideal for those who appreciate luxurious and sophisticated scents.

Unisex Appeal

Designed for both men and women, O Hira presents a harmonious blend that transcends gender boundaries, offering a versatile and alluring fragrance experience.

Long-Lasting Sillage

The perfume's potency and longevity ensure a lasting, enveloping scent, allowing wearers to enjoy the fragrance throughout the day or night.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Reflecting the artistry of Stéphane Humbert Lucas, O Hira represents meticulous attention to detail and masterful blending of notes, resulting in a captivating and unique scent.

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