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Sand Dance

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Sand Dance by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 is a perfume that smells like a mix of amber and vanilla. It's made for both women and men. It's a new perfume that came out in 2022. The idea for this perfume came from watching Kalbelia dancers do their sensual dance. The perfume captures that feeling and makes it captivating when you wear it.

  • Fragrance Type:  Sweet-spicy

Top Notes:  Whiskey, Coriander, and Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes:  Cacao, Sandalwood, and Cashmeran

Base Notes:  Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Styrax, White Cedar Extract, and Patchouli

  • Available For:   Both women and men.
  • Season:  Suitable for any season.
  • Occasion:  Casual or special occasions like birthdays, meetings, dinners, parties, etc.
  • Concentration:  Eau de parfum
  • Scent Sillage:   Heavy


Amber Vanilla Harmony

Sand Dance is a lovely mix of cozy amber and sweet vanilla. It makes you feel warm and relaxed.

Sensuous Opulence

Sand Dance has a mix of sweet and resin smells that make it rich and lovely, like a beautiful music piece.

Luxurious Elegance

This perfume gives you a fancy and cozy feeling, perfect for people who love a warm and sweet scent.

Olfactory Desert Journey

Sand Dance gives you an incredible experience that makes you feel like you're in a desert. It's like you're being pulled into a world entirely of mystery and beauty.

Enigmatic Duality

This scent mixes vanilla's sweetness with the deepness of amber, making it both fancy and cozy.

Long-lasting Impressions

Sand Dance has a solid and pleasant smell that sticks with you for a long time. It's perfect for people who want a scent that lasts and leaves a memorable impression.

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