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Saffron Rose Grossmith - Unisex

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Saffron Rose by Grossmith is a fancy perfume for both women and men. It came out in 2012 and was created by Trevor Nicholl. The fragrance is all about mixing saffron and rose to give off a sense of luxury. When you first smell it, you'll notice the enticing scents of saffron and cinnamon with a charming touch of rose. Together, they create a fascinating mix of woody and amber notes.

  • Fragrance Type:  Amber Spicy

Top Notes:  Rose, Saffron and Cinnamon

Middle Notes:  Agarwood (Oud), Tobacco, Myrrh and Woody Notes

Base Notes:  Castoreum, Labdanum, Guaiac Wood, Amber and Sandalwood

  • Available For:  Unisex 
  • Season:  Winter
  • Occasion:  Formal Events, Evening Dinners, and Weddings
  • Concentration:  Eau de Parfum
  • Scent Sillage:  Moderate


Exquisite Blend

Saffron Rose Perfume is a fragrance for everyone that skillfully mixes the richness of saffron with the timeless beauty of roses, giving you an exceptional and enchanting smell.


Made by the famous perfume creator Trevor Nicholl, who's good at making exciting and captivating smells.

Unisex Appeal

Created to go beyond traditional ideas of gender, Saffron Rose Perfume is a fragrance that anyone can enjoy, regardless of gender. It's a scent that welcomes everyone, making it a flexible and inclusive choice.


This perfume lasts a long time so that you can savor its lovely smell all day and into the night.

Versatile Wear

Rose Saffron EAU De Parfum easily fits any occasion, whether a daytime event or a fancy evening affair, adding a touch of elegance.


This thing just oozes elegance and self-assurance, making it great for fancy occasions or adding a bit of luxury to your daily life.

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