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Article: 7 Latest Trends in Perfume Industry in UAE (2024)

7 Latest Trends in Perfume Industry in UAE (2024)

From airports to metro stations and from indoor parks to malls, every part of UAE smells amazing! The UAE Perfume Market has not only attracted millions of scent fans but also go-getters in the business. 

Two situations are common in the UAE’s perfume market; either it remains the same for a very long time or you’ll see people rushing to the perfume stores to get the most riled up scent. 

Whether you are a regular perfume user, a collector, or a business-oriented person, here, you’ll learn about the latest trends in perfume in UAE and its future market.

Top 7 UAE's Perfume Trends for All

What are the Latest Trends in Perfume in UAE

According to the latest stats, the UAE’s perfume market size was 614.3 million USD in 2023. IMARC Group anticipates the market to achieve $1,156.5 million by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.88% from 2023 to 2028. These figures make this part of the gulf a big contributor in the growth and development of the perfume industry. 

1. Oud-Based Fragrances

In 2024, oud (also known as agarwood) is a big hit in the UAE's perfume scene. It's got a special scent that comes from the core of certain trees and has been loved for a long time.

Now, it's being mixed up in new ways, with lighter smells that make it perfect for wearing anytime, not just for fancy events. You can wear a little for a regular day at work or choose a stronger smell for nights out.

What's cool about oud is how well it goes with other scents, like fresh citrus, soft flowers, or even earthy musk. This means there's an oud perfume for everyone, no matter what your style is.

This year, oud perfumes are all about mixing the old with the new, keeping the UAE's tradition alive while fitting in with today's trends. So as we look at what's popular in perfumes, oud is still a favorite, bringing a bit of class to everyday life.

2. Natural Niched Perfumes

In 2024, people in the UAE are loving perfumes that are all natural. These aren't your regular store-bought scents. They're special because they use real plant ingredients without any fake stuff mixed in. Everyone wants to smell different and natural perfumes do just that — they're as one-of-a-kind as the person wearing them.

These perfumes tell a story with their unique mix of plants, spices, and oils that come straight from nature. They make you feel connected to the world around you with smells that remind you of the outdoors.

Plus, they're all about being good to the environment. People are choosing these perfumes because they're made without harming the planet, so you can smell great and feel good about it too.

From the sweet smell of jasmine you might find in a garden to the cozy scent of vanilla or the fresh smell of citrus, these perfumes are special. They're made in small amounts to make sure they're extra special.

Natural perfumes are more than just a trend in the UAE; they show off who you are in a natural and earth-friendly way.

3. Gender-Neutral Scents

Now, it's all about what you like, not what the label says. People are loving scents that fit anyone's style, whether it’s zesty citrus, cool mint, or warm cinnamon. The idea is to pick a perfume that you feel good in, no matter who you are.

These shared scents are really popular because they let everyone feel free to choose. They're not too sweet or too musky; they're just right, sitting in the middle where anyone can enjoy them. In the UAE, where so many different people live and work, these perfumes are perfect because they're made for a mix of tastes and styles.

Gender-neutral perfumes are a big part of the perfume trends in the UAE because they stand for being yourself and picking a scent that speaks to you, no one else. They're more than just a smell; they're about being open and inclusive, just like the UAE itself.

4. Multi-Sensory Experience

In 2024, the big thing in UAE perfumes is all about giving you an experience that goes beyond just smelling nice. Imagine a perfume that not only smells good but also looks beautiful, feels special when you touch it, and even makes a nice sound when you use it. That's what's happening now.

The bottles are getting really fancy, so much that you'd want to show them off like a piece of art. And it's not just about looking good. Perfumers are making scents that are all about you – like they tell your own story when you wear them.

When you go perfume shopping in places like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it's like going on a mini adventure. Stores are setting up cool music and lights that make you feel like you're somewhere else, just through the perfume. This whole thing shows how the UAE is really into making perfumes that are more than just a nice smell – they're about giving you a whole vibe that you won't forget.

5. Travel-Friendly Perfumes

Even taxis smell nice in the UAE! You’ll see air fresheners and pocket perfumes in every car in the UAE. A good-smelling car can make your driver contented and pleasurable. These tiny perfumes leave a long lasting effects and give your car an aromatic freshness. These perfumes are super affordable and loved by daily travelers.

These pocket perfumes are easy to carry - if you are not planning to have a handbag to work, these small perfumes easily fit in your outfit’s pocket.

6. Limited Editions and Collaborations

Give your product to the most influential person, and your stocks will skyrocket! This is what perfumers do nowadays - team up with fashion icons, celebrities, and artists to make their perfumes more exclusive. People treasure these limited edition perfumes and are willing to pay any price for it.

7. Seasonal Fragrances

The UAE is mainly hot all year long but the government is taking environmental steps that are positively affecting the climate of the country. This is why seasonal fragrances for men, women, and all genders are making its way in the trends. Mostly you’ll encounter a variety of best summer perfumes for men and women encompassing oud fragrances that are everlasting.

How to Keep Up with the Latest Trends in Perfume in the UAE?

Staying updated with the latest trends in perfume in the UAE is easy and fun. The below tips will help you stay aromatically updated.

Tip 1: Attend Perfume Exhibitions and Events

UAE hosts hundreds of exhibitions and events all year round. You have to keep an eye on any upcoming exhibition, events, or trade shows happening in the country. Contributors in these exhibitions showcase latest innovations, additions, and new releases of the industry. You can learn a good deal about the latest perfume trends at these events.

Tip 2: Read Fashion and Beauty Magazines

Whether you are a fan or not, if you are fond of perfumes, you’ll almost have to study fashion and beauty magazines. These magazines definitely have 1 or 2 pages dedicated to perfumes. You may also read interviews with famous perfumers, get insights about famous perfumes, and benefit from tips and tricks.

Tip 3: Join Online Perfume Forums

The internet can make anyone and anything trendy. If you want your perfume collection updated with the latest fragrances, you’ll have to glue your eyes to online perfume forums. Don’t just take any social media, for instance; keep up with every online forum that discusses perfumes.

Tip 4: Follow Influencers

Famous influencers and bloggers can make waves in the perfumery trends - this also means they can suggest the best fragrances as well. The best thing about this whole part is that they give a proper and tested review of the perfume, and you get to know whether the scent is for you or not. 

Tip 5: Shop Often

Visiting the perfume stores near you can give you live and more updated insights about the latest trends in perfume in UAE. You’ll find more than 5 perfume stores near your residency. You can also pre-book your favorite upcoming perfume at these stores.

Future Outlook of Perfume Trends in UAE

The smell is the second sense after sight that evokes emotions when two unknown people meet for the first time. This is why people put their money in an aromatic bottle that makes them confident and more presentable. 

i. Cultural Fusion

Even though the UAE is among the most tech-advanced countries, it is all about cultural values. Perfumes are a kind of celebration of the Emirati heritage. UAE’s perfume market values culture and keeps up with global inspirations.

ii. Ingredient Exploration and Innovation

UAE is full of novel and unconventional ingredients, especially aged and processed for perfumes. This helps in capturing the real essence of UAE’s biodiversity and landscape.

iii. Inclusivity in Expression and Gender

Gender laws are quite strict in the UAE, but fragrances have taken the lead in this part of the legislation. Since scent is all about choices the idea of unisex perfumes are slowly evolving in the UAE. 

iv. Clean and Transparent Foundations

Customers want transparency when it comes to ingredients, especially in perfumes. A single spray could become a life danger for a person who is allergic to synthetic ingredients. Perfumes with clean, clear, and complete ingredient details are preferred. 

v. Inclined E-commerce Experience

Emiratis have started to shop online more than the traditional way. This may soon evolve into an augmented reality, enabling shoppers to try perfume before buying while sitting in their homes. The trust UAE citizens have online is unbelievable. 


The perfume world in the UAE mainly revolves around traditions and innovations. From personalized perfumes to timeless oud fragrances, every perfume comes with a story that hints at Emirates. UAE’s perfume industry holds a lot of potential and endless possibilities - with the collaboration of art and lore, scents are shaped into staggering fragrances.

Anyone can explore and stay updated with the latest trends in perfume in the UAE. In return, you’ll be favored with stirred emotions and a comber of freshness. Perfume trends will remain ever-changing in the UAE, where each spray will take you on a mesmerizing journey.

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