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Article: How to Store Perfumes to Maintain Their Fragrance for Long?

How to Store Perfumes to Maintain Their Fragrance for Long?

Have you ever seen an expiration date on a perfume? Even the most expensive fragrances will never enter an expiration date since it has natural oils, alcohol, water, and other bases that cause no harm. 

However, you can extend the shelf life of perfumes by working a little more on the storage methods. You must have heard a lot about storing perfumes in a cool and dry place where there is no sunlight, but there is more to it. The following tips will enlighten you about how to store perfume bottles and maintain their fragrance. Let's learn!

12 Tips to Store Perfumes to Maintain Their Fragrance

12 Tips to Store Perfumes to Maintain Their Fragrance

You can tell a perfume’s age by looking at its degradation and discoloration - this causes pungency in the fragrance. You can perpetuate a perfume’s life by practicing the following tips.

1. Pick a Place Away from Direct Light

Direct sunlight will damage the perfume quality, and the first thing you’ll notice is the discoloration. Keeping the perfume in a drawer or a closet will maintain its fragrance for years. Sunlight can alter the chemical composure in perfumes.

2. Locate an Area with a Steady Temperature

This is the part when you have to do a brainer about where to store perfume. Your home can have places with extreme temperatures. Inordinate high and low temperatures can affect a perfume’s quality. 

Of course, you’ll never place a perfume bottle in the kitchen, and you shouldn’t also keep it in the bathroom. Cold and warm showers can shake the perfume’s ingredients. You should store the perfume in a closet, drawer, or the dressing table (if its away from the sunlight).

3. Avoid Moisture-Prone Spots

Other than extreme temperatures, places at home with a little more humidity can disperse the quality of perfume. As said before, the bathroom is a place where humidity is at the maximum level, so this is another reason not to put your perfume there. 

By any chance, if you have a dehumidifier in your room or anywhere at home, keep the perfume bottles in that area.

4. Keep Perfumes in Their Boxes

Most of us throw away the perfume boxes or packaging right after we buy them. But the fact is that perfumes are packaged with a lot of thought - its original boxes will keep these scents away from the sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity and keep it safe even if it falls from a high place.

5. Ensure the Bottle is Fully Capped

Caps have the tendency to get lost! If you have invested in a high-priced perfume, ensure the bottle is fully and tightly capped. An uncapped perfume bottle will be exposed more to air, and will result in faster oxidation and evaporation of the fragrance. You can maintain the quality and quantity of the perfume by capping it firmly.

6. Refrain from Shaking the Perfume Bottle

The idea of shaking the perfume comes from the deodorant bottles. People started the same practice on perfume bottles, which can create air bubbles in it and result in evaporation before time. Only shake the perfume if it is mentioned on the bottle.

7. Avoid Storing Near Strong Odors

Perfumes become sponges if they are exposed or placed near strong odors. We are not saying that the fragrance will entirely change, but it will surely lose its original scent. To maintain its genuine fragrance for an extended period of time, keep it away from any such places where there are different and strong odors. 

8. Use Atomizers for Decanting

If you tend to put perfume in an atomizer or a smaller bottle, make sure it is specially made for perfumes. The atomizer should be clean and specifically for your perfume, or it will slowly start to change the fragrance. 

9. Be Mindful About Seasonal Changes

As mentioned before, perfumes are intolerant to extreme weather. For example, summer perfumes can be kept at slightly high temperatures. But if it gets too hot, make sure you keep it in a cool and dry place. Winters don’t really have a bad effect on perfumes; if it gets super cold, keep it in your closet.

10. Slowly Test Storage Changes

If you are planning to put your perfume in a fridge, don’t just put it immediately. Each perfume may react differently, so try putting the bottle in a fridge for a short period of time, repeat the process, and see if it affects the scent. 

Perfumes are delicate, and big changes at once will either bring a good effect or completely destroy the fragrance. This will also give you an idea of which place is best to store the perfume.

11. Clean the Perfume Bottles Often

If you live in a part of the country where there is way too much dust, then you have to clean perfume bottles off and on. Other than dust, the fragrance leftover and spills can contaminate the scent. Keeping perfume bottles clean ensures the perfume maintains its fragrance until the last drop. 

12. Don’t Touch the Nozzle

Touching the nozzle frequently will not show immediate changes in the perfume, but it will slowly yield the fragrance’s aroma and color. Your fingermarks and the dust can get into the perfume and change the way it smells. Spray like you do, but don’t touch the nozzle.


Is It Good to Store Perfume in the Fridge?

Storing perfume in a fridge is not recommended. A perfume in a fridge will be exposed to an extremely cold environment and strong odors that can affect the fragrance of the scents.

Do perfumes expire?

However, perfumes don’t expire since it has alcohol, water, and natural oils. The ones with synthetic ingredients do expire after some years. The expired perfume may show discoloration, and the fragrance becomes sharp.

Which ingredient maintains the fragrance of a perfume?

The main ingredient that maintains the fragrance of a perfume is fixative(s). Fixatives include civets, animal-derived ambergris, balsams, resins, gums, and tinctures.


Different storing techniques are the only way to maintain a perfume’s fragrance and quality. Shielding perfumes from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, along with other tips, will keep your perfume’s allure alive. 

Storing a perfume is more important than preservation; it requires continuous practice and commitment to upkeep the essence and aroma of each perfume.

Ensure good treatment towards your perfume, which will enchant your senses for years.

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