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Article: The 10 Best Woody Perfumes Every Man Should Try

The 10 Best Woody Perfumes Every Man Should Try

A woody perfume can be precisely what a man need — The elegant, the sophisticated and the Captivating. This aroma is neither powerful nor mild, so men who want a comfortable, earthy scent will adore it.

Woody scents are derived from wood, leaves, and roots, giving them a lovely, natural scent that is not overbearing. They establish an appropriate balance between attractiveness and intensity.

For this reason, men need to own woody fragrances. Finding the best woody perfume is simple if you know what to search for. Look for firms that provide high-quality, consistent woody scents. Here are the 10 best woody perfumes for him who love to wear great smells.

What are a Few Popular Woody Notes?

What are a Few Popular Woody Notes

Woody notes are essential in fragrances because they impart richness, comfort, and refinement. Sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver are all popular woody smells.


Sandalwood smell comes from the inside part of the sandalwood tree. It smells creamy, smooth, and a bit sweet. Guys like it because it's fancy and sexy, making them feel confident and classy. The Perfumes containing Sandalwood notes are most in trending these days.


Cedarwood comes from cedar trees and smells woody. People often think Cedarwood scents contains a fragrance that is solid and steady. Guys who enjoy being outside and like nature usually like cedarwood colognes.


Vetiver is derived from the roots of a particular plant. It smells earthy, smoky, and green, like standing in a forest after a rainstorm. Vetiver fragrances appeals to men who want unusual and earthy smells. It works well in both casual and formal perfumes.

Woody notes add depth, character, and a natural feel to perfumes. Whether you prefer sandalwood for its sensuality, cedarwood for its ruggedness, or vetiver for its uniqueness, these notes enhance the scent experience and leave a lasting impression.

10 Trendy Woody Fragrances For Men in UAE

We have rounded up all of our best woody perfumes for men and compiled a list for you. Let's explore it!




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Alhayl (Chapter 1)

The Scent Library Offical

Cultural celebrations, formal ceremonies

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MiN New York

Evening events, special occasions

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Velvet Splendour

Goldfield & Banks 

Formal gatherings, date nights

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Silky Woods Elixir

Goldfield & Banks 

Fall and winter seasons

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Island Lush

Goldfield & Banks 

Summer vacations, beach outings

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Escentric 01

Escentric Molecules

Everyday wear, office settings

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Santal Precieux


Sophisticated evenings, business meetings

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Pour Un Homme Le Soir


Romantic dinners, theater outings

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Musc Oli


Intimate gatherings, late-night events

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Buveur De Vent

Liquides Imaginaires

Spring picnics, outdoor adventures

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Alhayl (Chapter 1)

1. Alhayl (Chapter 1)

In the busy market of UAE, a spice seller made a unique mix called AlHayl (Chapter 1) that made people feel like they were in the Arabian desert. It smelled like cardamom, a spice that makes you warm and excited.

Olfactive family: Woody-Ambery:

Top Notes: Citrus- fruity, Lemon, petitgrain, red berries

Middle Notes: Floral - fruity Jasmine, muguet, apple

Base Notes: Woody-ambery Vetiver, amber, sandalwood, mossy 

Available Size: 55 ml

AlHayl's blend brings out the best of cardamom, giving you a taste of adventure and making you want to explore.

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2. Blackstar

For both men and women, Blackstar by MiN New York is an alluring fragrance ideal for bringing a little extravagance into your day. This scent, available in 2022, is unlike anything you've ever tried. Experience the captivating combination of uncommon ingredients with each spray as it captivates you with its alluring allure. 

Top Notes: Raspberry, Incense and Tea

Middle Notes: Patchouli, Rose, and Lily of the Valley

Base Notes: Woodsy Notes, Musk, Leather, and Chypre

Available Size: 75 ml

Crafted specifically for individuals who value the finest things in life, Blackstar has a mysterious and enticing perfume that lingers in the air, creating an indelible impact wherever you go. 

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3. Velvet Splendour

Velvet Splendour by Goldfield & Banks Australia is a beautiful scent for women and men. It was released in 2019 and was crafted by the talented Wessel-Jan Kos. This scent smells like a massive cluster of beautiful wildflowers warmed by the sun, held tightly in your arms. 

It resembles leisurely driving on a beautiful day across expansive rural areas. The blooming of the mimosa trees in Australia indicates that spring is approaching. The gentle yellow blossoms against the beautiful blue sky signify spring. 

Top Notes: Mandarin, Hedione

Middle Notes: Australian Mimosa Absolute, Orange Blossom, Italian Iris 

Base Notes: Opoponax, Tonka Bean, Australian Santalum Album, Leather Accord, Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, Heliotropin

Available Size: 100 ml

When you scent Velvet Splendour, you'll notice the fresh green stems, vivid yellow blossoms, and the chilly wind blended with warm sunlight. It's daring, seductive, and elegant.

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Silky Woods Elixir

4. Silky Woods Elixir

Silky Woods Elixir is a distinctive scent for both men and women. It is spanking new, having just hit the shops in 2023. Olivier Cresp, a great perfumer, produced this wonderful aroma. It is a container filled with molten gold containing the essence of exquisite Agarwood. 

That's Silky Woods, the first fragrance from Goldfield & Banks' Botanical Series. They've carefully gathered rare wood from the Daintree Rainforest in Tropical Queensland, making history by using it in perfume for the first time. 

Top Notes: Cinnamon

Middle Notes: Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Praline

Base Notes: Oud, Tobacco, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Available Size: 100 ml

Soft suede, sweet vanilla, and a trace of smokey tobacco combine with saffron, incense, ylang-ylang, and natural sandalwood. Every spritz is an exploration of the perfumes and beautiful sceneries of Australia.

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Island Lush

5. Island Lush

Men and women alike can appreciate the scent of Island Lush by Goldfield & Banks Australia. It combines woody and spicy odors, ideal for those who enjoy nature-inspired perfumes. 

Top Notes: Ginger, Nutmeg, Pink Pepper and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Guaiac Wood, Iris, Cedar and Geranium

Base Notes: Leather, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Benzoin and Patchouli.

Available Size: 100 ml

The scent was released in 2023 and was designed by the great perfumer Amelie Jacquin. 

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Escentric 01

6. Escentric 01

Dress up in the beautiful Winsor Violet scent of Escentric 01, like the color of the sky at sunset, like a gentle touch. Iso E Super is a special ingredient that stays close to your skin, giving you a lovely smell all around you.

Top Notes: Lime, Pink Pepper, Aldehydes

Heart Notes: Orris, Hedione (green jasmine bud)

Base Notes: Iso E Super, Incense, Mastic, Muscone (Musk)

Available Size: 100 ml

The main ingredient in Escentric 01 is Iso E Super, which accounts for 65% of the aroma. It's designed to leave you smelling fantastic for a long time. It also features lime peel, green jasmine bud, orris, balsamic undertones, and fresh musk, which make it even more unique.

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Santal Precieux

7. Santal Precieux

Santal Précieux is a unique perfume that focuses on its texture. It uses two types of sandalwood from Australia and New Caledonia to create a modern scent. This perfume has a soft wood smell, made even smoother by the warm milk-like aroma of amber cistus labdanum. 

Top Notes:  Rose

Middle Notes:  Cistus Labdanum

Base Notes:  Sandalwood

Available Size: 30 ml and 100 ml

The rose aroma, which includes traces of elemi and pink peppercorn, offers a fresh, flowery note. The essences utilized, including Egyptian geranium, Ceylon cinnamon, and New Caledonian sandalwood, are accredited by the For Life social responsibility badge.

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Pour Un Homme Le Soir

8. Pour Un Homme Le Soir

Pour Un Homme de Le Soir uses two types of lavender: one from Provence and another from Bulgaria. The perfume has pleasant smells like iris, Tonka bean, and incense. These smells mix to make a robust and lovely smell that stays with you for a long time.

Top Notes:  Lavender

Middle Notes:  Violet Leafe, Iris 

Base Notes:  Oakwood, Tonka Bean 

Available Size: 125 ml

 The lavender in the perfume comes from a special place in Provence called Sault, where Jérôme BOENLE grows lavender.

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Musc Oli

9. Musc Oli

Musc Oli combines wood and musk to create a robust and refreshing scent that evokes comfort and calm. It combines Cashmeran FF® and Javanol with fresh, woody notes of AmberXtrem and Operanide. 

Top Notes: Cashmeran

Middle Notes: Javanol

Base Notes: Musk

Available Size: 100 ml, 50 ml, and 30 ml

This gives it a powerful, modern, musky aroma, supported by Sinfonide. Sacrasol adds a warm, musky touch to Cashmeran. Our Cashmeran FF® is certified by the For Life label for social responsibility.

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Buveur De Vent

10. Buveur De Vent

Buveur de Vent fragrance is inspired by the wild spirit of a legendary stallion and crafted by ancient gods. This scent captures the essence of leather from the horse's saddle. It's like a story unfolding with each whiff, telling tales of strength and magnificence.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Petitgrain, Juniper, Cypress, Lavender, Tarragon, Cistus

Middle Notes: Clary sage, Galbanum, Cedarwood

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Mate, Leather

Available Size: 100 ml

Wearing Buveur de Vent transports you to the saddle with that beautiful horse, the wind in your hair, and the exhilaration of the ride.

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The Arrival of Woody Fragrance Trend in UAE

take inspiration from nature, adding depth and character to their blend. Their natural essence is beautiful, especially for men. The woodsy scent trend has been well received in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the following reasons:

  • Cultural Connection: Luxurious and elegant things are valued in the UAE due to their rich cultural heritage. Woody scents match this taste, adding a touch of luxury and refinement.
  • Climate Fit: The UAE's desert climate needs fragrances that handle heat and humidity. Woody notes, known for their lasting scent, are perfect for such conditions.
  • Sophistication: Being a center for fashion, business, and luxury, the UAE is home to people with refined tastes. Woody fragrances naturally complement this lifestyle.

Woody scents have become a global sensation among men, and the UAE is leading the way in this aromatic revolution.

How to Choose the Right Woody Perfume?

Here are some simple tips for choosing the right woody perfume for yourself:

1. Consider the Season

When selecting a woody fragrance, think about the season. The weather in the UAE may be relatively warm. Choose softer, woody smells that will not seem heavy or oppressive during the warmer months.

Use more indulgent woody smells on chilly evenings or in air-conditioned areas. For cooler months, opt for richer and deeper woody perfumes. They’ll provide warmth and coziness during cold days.

2. Think About the Occasion

Different occasions call for other scents. Scents vary according to the event. Select a light, woodsy aroma that won't draw attention away from you if you attend a formal event or business meeting. Feel free to apply a more robust, woody fragrance for informal outings or social occasions.

  • Daytime: Choose a fresh, woody perfume that’s not too intense. It’ll be perfect for work or casual outings.
  • Evening/Night: Pick a more sophisticated woody scent if you’re heading out for a special occasion or dinner.

Remember, the best perfume for men is the one that resonates with your taste and makes you feel confident!


Is a woody fragrance appropriate for everyday wear?

Yes, woody smells are great, whether you're all fancy for a special event or just chilling with pals. They work well in any situation!

How long does a woody fragrance last on the skin?

The duration of perfume scent is more significant for specific individuals than others. Woody-scented perfumes often linger longer than other varieties.

Are woody fragrances suitable for warm weather?

Woody perfumes work well all year round, but they're adorable when it's warmer outside. The firm, rich smell is perfect for hotter days.


From classic scents to modern twists, there is a woody fragrance out there to suit every style and personality. By trying out the 10 best woody perfumes highlighted in this blog post, you can discover new favorites that enhance your confidence and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you choose for yourself, gift your loved ones, or make your own woody scents collection, this list will help you firsthand, offering a sophisticated and masculine allure that is sure to turn heads.

Let us know what woody perfume has been your favorite.

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