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Article: 10 Romantic Perfumes to Gift on Valentine's Day (For Men and Women)

10 Romantic Perfumes to Gift on Valentine's Day (For Men and Women)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we all know it's not just about chocolates and flowers anymore.

Want to give something special that leaves a lasting impression?

How about a perfume that tells your story, a scent that lingers like a sweet memory? It surely makes a perfect gift idea for the loved ones

We have handpicked the 10 fragrances to help you choose the perfect scent for men or women. They are more than just smells – they are like love letters, wrapped in beautiful bottles, waiting to be discovered.

So, whether you're shopping for him or her, these perfumes are perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your Valentine's surprise. Let's explore!

Our List of Perfect Valentines Day Perfume Gifts

Why Is Perfume a Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

 Explore our selection of the most popular and best perfumes for Valentines in UAE. These perfumes were carefully selected for everyone to complement and make the special day memorable.



Why Choose

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Jasmin Majorelle


Enchanting floral notes for a romantic allure.

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Timeless elegance, a blend of sophistication.

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Rosam Histoires De Parfums


Captivating fragrance with a unique story.

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Ombre Platine Jean Charles Brosseau


A distinctive and refreshing scent inspired.

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Sweet and sensual warmth for a romantic occasion.

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Sophisticated with intriguing platine notes.

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Decou Vert


Fresh and vibrant, ideal for a lively atmosphere.

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Gravel A Man's Cologne


Unique and refreshing.

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Bosphorus Pearl Alghabra Parfums


Exotic allure with oriental sophistication.

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Tayar (Chapter 6)


Captivating fragrance, a memorable olfactory journey.

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Let's discuss each one in a little detail to help you decide perfectly that what you are choosing for your loved ones!

5 Perfumes for Her to Gift on Valentine's Day

Valentines Perfume for Her

This Valentine's Day, surprise her with a perfume that's as special as your love. We've picked out 5 amazing scents to help you find the perfect one that she'll adore.

1. Jasmin Majorelle

The Eau de Parfum, Jasmin Majorelle skillfully blends Jasmine, ylang-ylang, and Coriander in a bold fusion. This daring combination adds an aromatic twist to the already radiant fragrance. During the day, the perfume becomes like your best buddy, leaving a nice hint of white musk. 

Top Notes: Coriander, lemon, Sage.

Middle Notes: Jasmin, Ylang, Neroli.

Base Notes: Iris, white musk.

It's made for people who know what jasmine smells like. This perfume takes you on a lovely trip to the Indian plantations, where they get this special and delicate ingredient.

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2. Rosamunda

Rosamunda, made by Laboratorio Olfattivo, welcomes you to a fancy world where flowers and woods dance together in a captivating way. This perfume is designed for women and lasts longer, harmoniously blending amber and floral scents. The fragrance starts sweet and enticing, then smoothly transforms into a sophisticated mix of wood and spice.

Top Notes: Rose and Saffron.

Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, and Patchouli.

Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Musk, Amber, Cedar, and Sandalwood.

Rosamunda captures the essence of femininity, providing a unique and alluring option for those who want a touch of mystery with sophistication.

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3. Rosam Histoires De Parfums

Rosam by Histoires de Parfums is a beautiful scent adventure that doesn't stick to boy or girl labels. Created in 2011 by the talented Gérald Ghislain, this fragrance mixes amber and flowers so well, giving it a timeless charm that anyone can enjoy. 

Top Notes: Rose and Citruses.

Middle Notes: Taif Rose, Saffron, and Incense.

Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Amber.

It's a masterpiece that brings out feelings of romance, class, and charm, making it a perfect pick for those who appreciate the craft of making great perfumes.

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4. Ombre Platine Jean Charles Brosseau

Try the lovely scent of Ombre Platine by Jean Charles Brosseau. It's like a work of art made in 2011, mixing amber and floral notes in a captivating way. This charming fragrance combines lily, tuberose, sandalwood, and pink bay for an oriental feel.

Top Notes: Red Apple, Black Currant, Pink Pepper, and Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Milk, Coconut, Tuberose, plum, and Lily.

Base Notes: Vanille, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, and Virginia Cedar.

There's a touch of bergamot, coconut, and vanilla to make it timeless and classy.

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5. Hinoki

The Hinoki perfume is inspired by Japan's tall, lush trees, known for their vibrant green leaves and valuable wood. This unique fragrance combines elements, starting with a fresh smell. As time passes, the fragrance takes you deeper into the rich aromas of rose flowers, jasmine, and oud, making the experience even more enjoyable. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, saffron, white pepper, coconut, peppermint.

Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmine, osmanthus, musk, benzoin, oud.

Base Notes: Cedar, cashmere wood, floral.

To wrap it up, the scent leaves you with the warm and lasting embrace of precious woods. It's like a memory you won't forget.

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5 Perfumes for Him to Show Your Love on Valentine's Day

Valentines Perfume for Him

This Valentine's Day, show him how much you care with a scent that speaks volumes. Our selection of 5 perfumes is tailored to capture his unique spirit and your heartfelt affection. Have a look!

1. Sel-Vanille

Sel-Vanille by Maison Tahitéi debuted in 2020 as a captivating scent. Created by the talented David Maruitte, this fragrance skillfully blends the refreshing sea essence with the soothing warmth of vanilla. It leaves behind a memorable and revitalizing impression.

Top Notes: Sage

Middle Notes: Sea Notes, Water Notes, and Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla and Cedar.

Sel-Vanille enchants the senses, providing a distinctive experience that brings to mind the calmness of the sea and the abundant allure of vanilla. 

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2. Decou Vert

Decou Vert by Laboratorio Olfattivo takes you on a magical scent adventure encased in a bottle. Its refreshing and sophisticated charm begins with lively, crisp green notes that gracefully blend with subtle floral hints. As you experience it, the fragrance transforms into a rich, vibrant botanical garden, emitting a calm and natural essence. Enchanting and versatile, Decou Vert has a scent that brings the beauty of nature to life. 

Top Notes: Green Leaves and Lily-of-the-Valley

Middle Notes: Magnolia, Lilac, and Jasmine

Base Notes: Water Notes, Musk, and Oakmoss.

It's a timeless fragrance that anyone can enjoy, perfect for those who want a sophisticated yet refreshing smell.

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3. Gravel A Man's Cologne

Gravel A Man's Cologne has been a classic favorite since 1957. It is made for the modern guy full of confidence and charm. This cologne brings out the spirit of adventure and boldness. Starting with cedarwood and bergamot, it gives off a lively and fresh vibe, ending with a cozy blend of leather and musk. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange

Middle Notes: Patchouly, Tonka Bean, Benzoin

Base Notes: Incense, Vetyver, Musk

Gravel is the ideal choice for any situation, whether you're exploring the outdoors or making a strong statement in a meeting.

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4. Bosphorus Pearl Alghabra Parfums

Bosphorus Pearl by Alghabra Parfums is like a sweet tribute to the lovely city of Istanbul. They made this smell in 2019, and it's perfect for feeling the romance of a boat ride along the Bosphorus. It mixes nice scents like muguet, rose, and ylang-ylang with the lovely smell of jasmine tea.

Top Notes: Rose, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Violet

Middle Notes: Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine Tea and Cedar

Base Notes: White Musk, Amber, and Dry Wood

 Everything is wrapped in a cozy, amber, white musk hug. This fragrance mixes the cool history of Istanbul with a modern twist, making it great for special nights.

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5. Tayar (Chapter 6)

In the orchards of Tayar Chapter 6, where sun-kissed fruits create a vibrant display, a delightful blend of colors and fragrances weaves together a whimsical and joyful story. 

Top Notes: Citrusy-fruity Bergamot, raspberry, blackcurrant

Middle Notes: Floral-fruit Jasmine, water lily, pear

Base Notes: Woody-musky Patchouli, musk, amber

Tayar skillfully captures these fruits' playful and joyous spirit, inviting those who wear them to embark on a lively and delightful journey of the senses.

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Why is Perfume a Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day?

On Valentine's Day, one might wonder, "Why gift perfume?" Choosing a fragrance for someone is more than just picking a gift; it's a profoundly emotional choice. Finding the perfect perfume can be complicated. It requires thinking about the person's personality and likes. Giving perfume on a particular day shows that you've put in extra effort to find something extraordinary. 

Perfume is connected to feelings of love, making memories that stick around. Scents are potent markers of unique identities; we often recall loved ones by their distinct aroma. It communicates to your loved one that they are valued. 

Perfume is a universally cherished and timeless gift. It appeals to everyone, and it's something people wear regularly. Moreover, perfume has the remarkable ability to boost confidence, instilling a sense of self-assurance and joy. Ultimately, perfume stands as a sweet gesture that brings pleasure year-round.


What fragrances are good for Valentine's Day?

Since smells can affect our feelings, scented candles are an easy way to romanticize Valentine's Day. Scents like patchouli and rosewood are known for being a bit romantic. And if you prefer flowery smells, scents like Lavender Lemongrass, Fresh Cut Roses, or Golden Gardenia can make the mood happy and bring romance.

Is perfume a good Valentine's gift?

Romance shines through when you give someone a lovely fragrance as a gift. It's like saying, "Hey, I get you." It shows you know them well enough to remember how they smell, or you'll pick a scent that suits their vibe and style.

Is vanilla scent seductive?

In today's context, people might dismiss vanilla perfumes as overly sweet or too familiar. Just keep in mind that vanilla scents are a real turn-on. They make you feel good, attract, and even boost your desire.


And there you have it, our handpicked list of 10 amazing perfumes to gift this Valentine's Day in the UAE, perfect for him and her.

Choosing a perfume is like choosing a memory to be cherished forever. So, whether you decide on something timeless or trendy, remember it's the thought and love behind the gift that truly counts.

We hope this guide helps you find that special scent to make your Valentine's celebration extra memorable. Happy Valentine's Day, and may your day be filled with love, joy, and delightful fragrances! 💞

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