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Zenology Ebony

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The Ebony Ambiance Trigger is a textured fragrance based on cedar wood oil from Virginia.
In aromatherapy, cedar is said to encourage confidence and calm anxiety. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons why Japanese baths have such a wonderful effect. The cedar lining of the traditional Japanese bathrooms emanates the sweet balsamic scent, which combined with the steam makes for a true relaxation.

Smell: Dry Wood

Elements: Cedar Wood, Incense, Leather


Rich Aroma

A luxurious blend of deep ebony wood, infused with subtle spice notes and a touch of leather for a sophisticated and full-bodied scent.

Elegance in Ambiance

Zenology Ebony elevates spaces with grand elegance, perfect for living areas, offices, or foyers, creating an ambiance of luxurious sophistication.


Designed to linger, the scent provides a long-lasting fragrance that subtly remains in your space.

Quality Ingredients

Formulated with high-quality, carefully selected ingredients for a premium olfactory experience.

Easy to Use

Just a few spritzes of Zenology Ebony instantly revitalize your space, infusing it with a rich, lingering scent that transforms the ambiance.

Stylish Packaging

Comes in a sleek, modern bottle that looks as elegant as the fragrance smells, complementing any decor

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