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Heavy dark sophisticated scent is created to uplift your spirit and take you into the mature world of fragrance.
The main players in this fragrance are Indian patchouli, Oud, tobacco, and some spices.
Tobacco starts to appear in the back round, with some bold and elegant patchouli covered in oak moss and oud giving us a very vintage character style, going further we enjoy the spices with some impressionistic sweetness from labdanum, vanilla, and geranium, On the dry down fragrance becomes smooth and glowing with aiming you the last kiss you will never forget.

In Roxbury, we used vintage characted patchouli that was aged in a traditional camel leather bottle for 24 years.
The leather bottle where patchouli was stored has the property of absorbing moisture and preserving oil in the best way.

This highly matured, exceptional, and rare type of
Patchouli contributed to the bottomless depth and unmatchable complexity of the composition . With its help dark, mysterious note of vintage oud was skilfully created without actual use of oud. Vintage patchouli graciously shines through the entire lifespan of this perfume.


Urban Sophistication

Roxbury embodies the essence of urban sophistication, capturing the spirit of a vibrant city.

Olivier Gillotin Creation

Crafted by perfumer Olivier Gillotin, known for his expertise in creating captivating and memorable scents.

Energizing Citrus

The fragrance opens with invigorating citrusy top notes, offering a burst of freshness and energy.

Delicate Florals

It transitions into a heart of delicate florals, adding an elegant and feminine touch to the composition.

Warm Woody Base

Roxbury settles into a warm and sensual base of woods, creating depth and longevity.

Potent Concentration

A little goes a long way with this potent fragrance, ensuring that it lingers on your skin for hours.

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