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Rain Water is one of the complex and unique fragrances, which is the smell of rain.

Rain has no smell, meaning the smells resulting from the chemical reaction of rain water, which is slightly acidic, the oily secretions of plants and soil, and the smell of natural forests.

The fragrance starts with an opening of lemon, mandarin and refreshing green leaves, to a more beautiful scent in the heart of the fragrance of sage, musk and cashmere wood. Then its base is concentrated in vetiver, which gives an earthy, smoky and woody feel at the same time.

Top notes: lemon, blackcurrant, mandarin orange, green leaves, grapefruit

Middle notes: sage, raspberry, musk, cashmere wood

Base notes: vetiver, copaiba balsam, patchouli, musk, amber


Captivating Aroma

Rain Water captures the elusive fragrance of rain through the interaction of rainwater, plant oils, and natural forests.

Fragrance Composition

Lemon, mandarin, and green leaves create an invigorating opening, setting the stage for a sensory journey.

Heart of Elegance

Sage, musk, and cashmere wood blend harmoniously, adding depth and allure to the fragrance.

Earthy Base

The base features vetiver, imparting an earthy, smoky, and woody character, leaving a lasting impression.

Nature's Symphony

Experience the magic of nature's scent symphony captured in a bottle of Rain Water.

Convenient Size

Available in an 80ml bottle size, perfect for regular use and indulging in the fragrance of rain anytime, anywhere.

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